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Sufi paths to love.

   Take a Guide

"Follow the path of the one who has turned to Me"   (Quran; Surah Luqman)

  The person who is going to catch their plane is the one who asks, "Who knows and can show me the way from here to Heathrow?" -   So what  about the one who claims that they can walk the sufi path without a Guide;   or who thinks that a map or guidebook is enough for them?   Has anyone reached peace-station through reading books?  No.  they  are still fighting their ego.         Taking a guide is a most important and necessary element if we wish to reach our destination.


Allah Almighty is calling His creatures to His Divine Love;      and He uses those who have been touched by that Love as a means of taking the hearts of others back towards Himself.     When that  love has touched you,   you will feel compassion stirring in your heart  - a compassionate love that is contagious.

For more on the need for a Guide, the purpose of the guide and the WHO of the Guide  - click on  Take a Guide  


Use Love in your life  

Sweetness comes from Love.

The more you use love in your life the sweeter it will be.

If you don’t use it your life will be tough and rough.

 Someone who never tastes love is like dried wood

When love comes to nature, nature turns green and gets its colours.   Love goes through flowers, it goes through fruits. When love reaches them in Springtime they start to laugh .  So, when they take love, they give love—

You must give love to your surroundings. Everything around you is asking for your love –

You must be fountains of love, or springs of love, or taps of love or rivers of love, or seas of love or Oceans of Love.

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Spiritual Practices

"Allah has ordered praying, fasting, pilgrimage and charity"

About 'worshipping' and charity

 The guard for the heart is “dhikr,” (the remembrance of Allah). 

  The one who remembers their Lord has a Divine Light in their heart that prevents Satan and his soldiers from entering.   Therefore the more you are able to remember and to meditate, keeping a close observer’s eye on your heart, the more successful you will be in keeping out your mortal enemy. 


Any meeting assembled for the sake of God and in the love of God draws the Mercy of God upon us and helps us to reach our goals. Such is the Divine pleasure bestowed upon such a meeting that even a passer-by who happens in out of curiosity and never returns again, must ultimately benefit from the Mercy that flowed through that meeting to them. What distinguished such a meeting from others? Only that it is held for the love of God and not for any other motive, --- the Love of God has called you here. You have begun to hearken to that call –

  Oh Servants of the Lord… don’t be like slaves rowing in the galley of a ship.    If you pray, you must pray with love.


 --love is the motor for mankind to make them to move towards their Lord by worshipping and by charities.

for more on ways of  worship and on charity click this  Spiritual Practices link. 

'without ways nobody can reach from one place to another'