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What is love??

European people are writing, “Love, love,”   -  everywhere -  ‘Love’

It means it is the most important thing for them.  But they are not asking for real Love and for how they can reach to those endless Love oceans.

…. Everyone’s soul is asking to reach endless beauty oceans. 


Divine Love is what binds our souls together;  that is why people become so miserable when they feel unloved.  It is a feeling that something essential is missing from one’s life, that life itself is incomplete;  and in the face of this ache people set our in search of love with the desperation of a man dying of thirst . ….     No one complains of love or wants it to be taken from them.  All want to be loved more.  Where are you seeking love?  Are you taking pure water from a gushing source,  or from muddy slimy ditch water?? …

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People are not taking enough care about their love and not allowing the Divine Love Springs to flow from their hearts.  They are running after some imitation love, - for a temporary love that is only coming and going - coming, and giving people love which belongs to our physical desires.  It is only temporary and is quickly disappearing;  and the quickly arriving satisfaction is going to become less and less  - and then it is finishing.  --------

          Divine Love is settled and based within the hearts of humankind.  It does not get less.  As long as you are looking after it you should find it increasing, giving more, and being more enjoyable.   Y our physical being is going to finish.    It is a temporary being;  but your real being is never going to finish; and the love which belongs to your spiritual being is never ending, is permanent. 

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 When love comes to nature, nature turns green and gets its colours.  Love goes through flowers, it goes through fruits. When love comes to them in springtime they start to laugh.  When they take Love they give love.  That is why mankind runs to the greeneries of nature to look and to smell it.      Mankind is the most important representative of Heavenly Love.  You must be fountains of Love, springs of Love or taps of love, or rivers of love, or seas of love, or Oceans of Love.  Can a person be an Ocean of love?   Why Not? 

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The Lord created all of us and planted  Divine Love in the very yeast of our being.    You must know that, although that love may be temporarily covered,                              it is running through our hearts as a river runs to an ocean. --

To see the beauty in all creation you must transcend outward forms ----

              There are levels of love along the way.  Their quality is different according to their nearness to the goal ----                                         

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