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"Sufism is the Way which guides people to their Heavenly Stations"


The purpose of life?

What should be a person’s purpose in life?   It is an important question. To answer it a person must know their position in this universe.  They must know about themselves, so that they can consider,  and fix the price for reaching that goal.  Before everything we must know about ourselves – about mankind……          Who are you?    You must know who you are among the creatures of this world and universe.  And when you have learned who you are and for what purpose you exist,  you can try to make a way to that goal.

 A simple answer to the question, “What do you want to be?”   is to say – ‘I am trying to be a good one.’   You may say that everyone is claiming to be a good one.

Why all the suffering?

If it is true that everyone is a good one, how do you explain this world's situation?  What about the sufferings, difficulties, the crises, wars, fighting - for what? - if everyone is claiming to be a good one?    ....   throughout  history good ones and bad ones have been working.  At every time there is a handful of good ones and a big majority of bad ones.  Particularly in our time - every place is full of advertising for bad ones.  Everywhere they are working to make people follow devils and to support the kingdom of Satan .....

  That is the twentieth century’s sickness. Psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists –  none of them is able to bring a cure for that illness.   They can’t until they understand about themselves.  Even religious people nowadays have no ability because the same illness is with them too;   -  Everyone is like a cell in the body of mankind.  If a cell is ill the whole body must suffer.   Most members are ill.



The sufi vision

Oh European people, oh western people you have looked around you long enough.   Turn your gaze inward.   Reflect upon yourselves.   When your gaze is turned inwards you will discover that the entire universe is contained within you.  You will then see this (present) reality clearly.    When you reach that point you will discover more and more about yourselves;   you will travel from one horizon to another. 

Perhaps some day you will have discovered all there is to know about the outer realms,  but the discovery of the inner universe will never  end.  --

No mind can fathom the power of the pure soul.  It is a huge and wonderful power with which you may see what you cannot now see and do what you can’t now do. –  

 The universe that you have been given  within yourself is like a very little drop in an ocean;,,,   within you is your personality in the Divine Presence.   And you have been given  5 treasures,  5 universes.   Each one is wider than the next and deeper;   and in the deepest one,  which has no limits, is the Throne of the Lord.  It is the Throne of your Lord because nothing else can contain your Lord;  it is impossible.  Neither the worlds nor the Heavens can contain your Lord Almighty, but only the heart,   the hearts of the children of Adam.  

The destination of the physical body is the grave, but the spiritual body is a Heavenly being.  Its life is the real life.        This body is like a cage and our soul like a bird.  the bird comes from Heaven and enters the cage.  There it remains, waiting for the 'keeper' to come and open the door, saying, 'go - you are free.'   ...but] heedless ones are not waiting for anyone.  They say  'This cage is great!  We have plenty to eat and to drink, and we can jump about - from the swing to the upper perch, down to the lower perch, and up again to the swing.' ....

All the sufferings of mankind come from trying to fulfill our endless desires with a flood of sensual gratification that does not satisfy.  .... [but] our spiritual being can reach the infinite. This endless longing is what sets mankind apart from other creatures.   

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          Men and Women in Islam - learn how to fly

 Mankind has been given extraordinary powers by the Creator.   Technology is only part of those powers, that authority to command the forces of nature.   But mankind has also undiscovered powers, the powers of Prophets and Saints.  You are asking for this power for your own use.  It is not in our hands now. We are not ready to hold that power in our hands.  It is like a boy wanting to fly a jet plane.  He can’t. 

 You also have a plane, but you must learn how to fly.   Man is a most strange, most wonderful creature.  Therefore we need to direct ourselves, to learn to use those powers; but we are not yet at this point.   We have methods coming to us from all the Prophets to teach people to direct, to control, to command those powers, but  we are still under the command of the forces of nature.  When we are able to command our own nature’s force then we will be able to command spiritual powers. ...

Sometimes it may be given in a short time. It may be given to some people in a few minutes, it may be given in a few hours, it may be given in a few days, months, years;  it may not be given in this life.  Yes.  Some plants give in a few days others take so many years to bear fruit    

 Women’s inner structure isn’t the same as man’s, but women’s inner life is such that they may be able to reach to their destinations quickly. Therefore it is possible for them in forty days to run into themselves.  If anyone runs into himself he may run quickly;  but if no one is looking after him then he may fall quickly.

 If an unprepared person were to receive spiritual power they would only wreak destruction upon themself and others.  A little boy may admire the large horse the police ride but if we were to mount him on such a horse do you think that he would be able to control it?  Sometimes a father may put his small son on his lap while he drives down a quiet street and let him steer, but do you think that the father is really letting him drive?

       Only those who have subdued their egos may be given any power.  A rocket is not launched until all of its systems have been checked many times over; - and the flight of each soul to its heavenly destination is much more important than launching a rocket - so don’t imagine that Grandsheikhs empower their murids easily.    

earning ones powers - a story


  Love leads the way

Keep yourself (clean) and Allah Almighty will protect you.  Be humble so that Allah Almighty supports you.  Be merciful so that Allah Almighty put mercy in the hearts of His servants towards you.  You must try to be honest so that everywhere you go you may be respected.

And – one of the most important pillars of our religion,  particularly for all tariqats  (sufi ways) –    take and give love.   Love makes you improve mentally and spiritually, and to both (male and female) it is really giving to the other, from the Love Ocean of Allah Almighty. 


Now we are living in the last quarter of the twentieth century.  Day by day people are more proud, everyone is wanting to be more proud individually;  and nations also are saying, “We are a superpower”.   The function of religion is finished; devils are going on.  If no Divine help comes from the Heaven to this earth before the end of this century, no Divine cure, then all the world will be a mental hospital from East to West.

We only need Divine Love to be put into our hearts.  We can’t stop fighting the endless desires of our egos, enmity, envy and jealousy, till Divine Love enters our hearts. Then everything (else) is going to be cheap and of no value.

One of the brightest stars in the skies of Divine Love was Jalaluddin Rumi.  He was one of Divine Love’s stations.  His heart was full up.  Up to today western people are running to his tomb.  No one goes there and take nothing.  Everyone takes something~

We aren’t asking for animal love. You may find that anywhere.  We are asking for Divine Love.  Mankind needs those holy people to come and give Divine Love.  They are prepared to come, and pass among people,  to give their Divine Love.   They are holy ones,  - hiding,  - but they are prepared to give from

Divine Love Oceans.



The Naqshbandi Way


"Among readers there may be Sufi aspirants who have been practising the methods of one of the forty  Sufi paths other than the Naqshbandi path.  If  you are one of these you may be wondering what the difference is between the Naqshbandi way and other Sufi paths. "

the Naqshbandi Way