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A supplication by the Shaykh

Tauba, ya Rabbi,     Tauba ya Rabbi,       Tauba, Astaghfirullah.     Ya Rabbi,   shukr.     Ya Rabbi Shukr.       Ya Rabbi shukr.            A  'udhu bil-Lahi rnin ash-Shaytani -r-rajim;   bismillahi-r-Rahman-r-Rahim,

Oh our Lord, we are asking Your protection. We are weak servants and we are belonging to You. We are declaring that You are our Lord, You are our Creator.        You are giving our provisions.       You are granting to ourselves  -    everything.        You never gave to any other creature what You, Most High, granted to us.

And we are sinners.

Tauba, ya Rabbi,    Tauba, ya Rabbi,    Tauba, Astagfirullah.

Asking forgiveness,  and Your Blessings.

We are  coming here  from east and west.   You are sending us to be here,   and to hear and to listen and to obey and to follow,   and to reach and to find,   and to taste; and to be  Your Servants!  What You are  asking must be,   -  what  You are saying must be  obeyed.   Your orders must be obeyed.  Everyone must be Your obedient servants.   Oh  our  Lord,  You  are   the  Lord Most High,  the  Lord of Heavens, the Lord  of Earth, the   Lord of dunya,  the   Lord  of Here  and Hereafter.

You are not happy with  our  tasteless  actions.   No doubt  You are unhappy, with what we are doing.

But You Most High, You Most Powerful, You, our Lord, what You like to be must be. What You order must be obeyed.

 And we are weak servants.  Instead of riding on our egos, our egos are riding on us.

We  are   complaining,  complaining  to Your Divine  Presence,   saying  "Oh our Lord, save  us   from the hands of our  ?cruel  egos.   We are not happy with our egos;  we are happy with You, oh Lord."  You   Most   High,  You  Most  giving   Favours.    You   -   Endless   Favours Oceans for You.  You may give what you are asking more and more and more. Your Endless Favour Oceans never getting less, Your Endless Blessing Oceans never getting to be less.  You are giving endlessly, but nothing going to be lessened from Your Endless Mercy Oceans, from Your Endless Blessing Oceans, Your Endless Light Oceans, Your Endless Favour oceans, - never getting less. Oh Allah, Oh Allah, Oh Allah, Unlimited! Oceans..! Endless Oceans!


{change of tone as Maulana addresses murids} … Never getting less – giving, giving, giving, giving – but never getting less by even the smallest amount.  Endless – Beyond limits, never getting less.  If in limits, getting less – unlimited never getting less.

Oh Allah, Oh Allah , OH Allah,  Allah  Unlimited Oceans ! Endless OCEANS!



You must be happy that you have been chosen, and you have been granted the beginning of an understanding of Endless Oceans.


Allahu Akba,r ALLAHU  Akbar ALLAHU Akbar.  Tauba ya Rabbi.   Tauba Ya Rabbi.   Astagfirullah Azamtulillah … ALLAH ALLAH – who created man,  who created ourselves. Shukr Ya Rabbi Shukr Ya Rabbi shukrullah, Alhamdulillah -  

We are most lucky creatures.  Good news – always good news for mankind, always mercy for mankind – always they are .. spoiled – spoiled ones.  ALLAHU AKBAR.  May Allah bless you – always blessing – but we are not understanding that  we are through His endless Blessings, Endless blessings Oceans – here and hereafter.


Ya Rabbi Ya Rabbi Ya Karam, Hamdulillah … Ya Rabbi … show us Your Beloved  Servants for following –   because they are going to You and who following His Holy Servants they should reach also.


Follow the  (?fellows) of Allah Allah’s friends.  Follow them and you should reach at every step another pleasure in your heart.  No trouble may reach your heart. You should be always full with lights, full with pleasures.  The Hearts of the friends of Allah – follow them.

Oh Allah send us from Your friends  that  we may follow them.  Through their heavenly gravity let them to carry our hearts with them.   Let them take our hearts to You – our Lord  - to You – to be with You.

HE is with us – but we are not with Him.


Let Your holy servants take our hearts and carrying our bodies after our hearts to YOU!

Allah Allah,  Allah Allah,  Allah Allah,  AZIZ ALLAH