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BismAllah aRahman aRahim



Loving only Allah


Love pertaining to the ego is not Love.  All the ego knows is to love itself;  and what is commonly called love is just a mutual understanding to support each others egoism.

Don’t trust your ego, nor anyone else’s – The ego is disloyal by nature.  When the spirit gains ascendancy the ego may be harnessed and put to good use.  The Holy prophet said; “Your ego is your mount,  - but if you leave it to its whims it will take you many miles from your path in search of grass.


As long as people love this life troubles will never go away.  Everyday they will fall down more and more, sinking into sufferings.

you may put  your love with anything or with anyone – but you must know that it will go away and leave you……..  don’t give your Love, except to the Eternal Existence of your Lord, Allah Almighty.

Read Sheikh Mehmet 2017


Love that lasts


Love of  Allah - how can it be??    It is so difficult because we are not knowing Him -



under the umbrella of Love


The Existence of our Lord, Almighty Allah is Absolute, Real, Eternal Existence

 the existence of other appearances is relative.

How can our limited minds, our limited knowledge, limited personalities encompass anything of The 'personality',  The One that is beyond the limits of our minds?


your divine attribute


There is a story about Layla and Majnun.  He became crazy  (majnun)  for her love.   Everything belonging to Layla was lovely to Majnun, even stones and trees.   It must be that way with  love for Allah Almighty.  Everything belonging to Him must be lovely to the one who loves - or that love will not be true.

Each person has their own unique form .... Each person  manifests a distinct Attribute ... which, when fully unveiled is equally Divine.    Therefore you must respect everyone in existence because, in reality, that respect is the respect to  your Lord within that person. 

from respect to Love

towards the ultimate


Our journey towards the goal [of unity] first brings us away from the illusion of multiplicity ....

The next stage is  ..........   awe in the face of the Majesty and Might of Allah Jalal...............

Beyond this is the stage of intimacy at which .... one percieves His aspects of Love  and Beauty  .....

But the ultimate goal is beyond ..........

towards the ultimate

Supplication of the Shaykh



Oh Allah, Oh Allah, Oh Allah, Allah – Unlimited Oceans!  Endless Oceans


When you are drinking from His endless oceans you are always getting much thirstier, but with a thirst that gives you taste for more.  Here, when you are thirsty you drink and the thirst goes away – but there our thirst gives a perfect taste.  Without limits you may drink oceans … endless oceans  - and endless oceans that are only according to our creation, according to our capacity, according to our understanding, according to our limits – those endless oceans also that belong to His Divine Essence.

Those Oceans, if we are speaking on it, going to finish there –



[long silence]


in the Divine Presence