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The Ego,  (Nafs)

      The powerful one is that one who can wrestle with his ego, men or women, the same.  Allah does not make any difference among the believers between men and women;   whoever can wrestle with ego is powerful.                                                            

Why ego? 

 Man is subject to conflicting impulses.   He wants to be unique, but he is also a social animal.  Uniqueness is an attribute of our Lord, and we have all been given a share of that Divine Attribute in that we are all different physically, and in the realm of personality….. Because of this we have an intrinsic tendency to see ourselves as being unique - but the mistake is to see ourselves as being superior to others, for it is in unity with others that we fulfil our potential for completeness….

If there is no connection to the Source of all love – the Lord of all beings – then no really lasting familiarity can develop between people.


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What is the problem??

 We have two personalities within ourselves.  The first belongs to the soul and the second to the lower self.  The proper balance is for the ego to follow the direction of the soul because the soul knows the way the spiritual powers want to go, while the ego, left to itself, knows only how to graze.  The lower self is always lazy, selfish and stupid, but when the balance is struck and it follows the will of the soul it is a useful and able partner in accomplishing the task at hand. 

The ego’s demands are limitless, its greed endless, and you will never know any peace or satisfaction if you let it lead you into unending quarrels and power struggles.  With every step you let it take in the pursuit of its demands it urges you to let it take another …. 

[BUT] –to let your ego have its ration, that is alright.  When we travel we are not always on the road.  We must stop from time to time in order to tank up.  That is alright and it is necessary.  We are letting our horse graze in order that later we will be able to ride it.

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On controlling the ego  

 There are two kinds of jihad in Islam. One is the little fighting and the other is the big fighting.  The most important is the big fighting with the biggest enemy,  and the biggest enemy is our nafs.  It is constantly with us never leaving us up to the end of our life.  Therefore every believer is ordered to fight his nafs. … if you do not capture your nafs he will capture you and if you do not kill him, he will kill you.

 When nafs is saying la ilaha illa Llah, and accepts that it is a servant of the Lord, it is killed  - the teeth have been taken  from  the dragon.

 Tariqats teach how to save oneself from the dragon.  


 Be humble ones and try to be thankful for Allah Almighty’s grants.  And try to know that everything is a blessing from Allah Almighty  … We must be in our Lord’s service  - not in ego's service.   People, mostly they are thinking that they are in their Lord’s service.  .. mostly they are thinking,  “Oh we are doing it for Allah”.  -  No, (they) are doing  for ego.   You are doing this to reach that -  -asking Allah for  paradise - - like merchants -  you are doing trading company -                 

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Making Genuine Relationships

With (humility) we may tolerate every person, no quarrelling. If seeing everyone (as) better than yourself, then grows love and respect to everyone…  Prophets put seeds in our hearts for respect and love.  When growing to humbleness there will be no more suffering or crises in the world.  This life will be like the life of paradise, to be in love with one another.

                                 Find your Real Self                                         

 Our real personality is a secret .        This (one) is a shadow  - only one ray coming,  making you to stand, to live and to love and to do.  You can find a secret being (in yourself)  and that will be dressed on you  … in the Divine  Presence.        

Take a Guide     

 Our Grandsheikh explained that without association [with a sheikh] it is very difficult to catch out the ego in its game, to identify its tricks and escape from its clutches.  We are in need of a guide to show us which paths lead over cliffs, as it is those very paths that our ego likes to point to….

When you are associating with the Sheikh, the ego and its doings are quickly identified and become manifest. The ego’s disguise is snatched off so that it stands there in front of you naked and exposed. 

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