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Welcome to Sufi-love-path-

 The Sufi Love Path can help you connect to the ancient, mystical Sufi tradition of Islam,

 as transmitted through our so recently departed teacher, Shaykh Muhammad Nazim of Cyprus [below right]   (may Allah bless him  and raise his heavenly station)


Here you can find out about sufism, and make contact, physically or spiritually with Sheikh Nazim's successor - Sheikh Mehmet, [above left]  and with some of his UK followers.

For Sheikh Mehmet's   visit  to Sheffield -  February 2018

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We are part of the Sheffield Sufi Association, and also have links across South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Notts,  Leicester and as far north as York

We aren't saints!! - but we are a group of sincere spiritual seekers  meeting two or three times a week in Sheffield and at other times by invitation - eg in summer to Kendal or into Derbyshire - [see pictures below.]



meeting in Sheffield

Meetings in Sheffield on thursdays and sundays are open to all, (muslim, non-muslim, men, women, and children). They provide sufi meditation,(zicker), sociability, home cooked food, and (table tennis).  One to one spritual counselling and spiritual healing are also available.

To sort out your thoughts on sufism, see below. 

 To ask questions or to get details of times and places, e-mail;  or Phone 01142-589-408./mob 07769827494   

There is no pressure to join – just to come with a hopeful heart. 

Is sufism for you?

Check out the talks on this website to get the beginnings of an answer.  They are all talks given by spiritual teacher Sheikh Nazim of Cyprus, who was speaking to people east and west since 1975. 

[There is more about Sheikh Nazim via   Take a Guide >>the Golden chain, and  >> click to clutch.] 

On this website we have brought together as many as we can of the Sheikh's teachings on Sufism as the Way of Love and the Way to Love.   There is a summary of the site contents below the picture. 

A few of us at a meditation meeting in Derbyshire

 Brief Summary of Site;

 1]The Mystic SUFI QUEST   - the spiritual search; men and women learn how to fly; the mystical powers of saints (awliyas) - how the Naqshbandi way differs from other sufi paths. 

2] ThEnemies of LOVE  - Materialism, the Ego, Passions (anger and lust);  and Satan - evil 

3] WHAT is LOVE?  -a series of talks on the Real Love that gives sweetness and energy to life  

 4] Ways towards Love  - taking a Guide; Using love in your life; and Spiritual practices   

 5] The SUFI JOURNEY - common waystations - the call to faith, service and tests -- leading to

6] LOVE of ALLAH  [God]           

for titles of talks and subtalks see the Full site map.   Apologies if this is not exactly  up to date  - life moves faster than I do


                The need for 'good' communities

All mankind nowadays are becoming troublemakers.    Everyone is trying to make more trouble because no respect.   ....   ...  .... - wildness covers everywhere. .....     Without respect, without love, without mercy, without justice  how can we claim that we are keeping humanity?       ……  …..       This world must be changed.   ......  Bringing  - new, good ones  .. - good communities,  blessed communities,  clean communities,      -

           .. we hope  to be from such a community.   We are trying to make such a community - even a handful - it is all right.   Try to be from the members of that clean community  - [Edited from Shaykh Nazim 1991]  

more of this talk


So -   "Come, come, - whoever you are.   Believer in any religion or none. 

It doesn't matter.  Ours is not a counsel of despair. 

Though you have broken your vow a hundred times still come  - come." (Rumi)