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Materialism,  Dunya - (this World),  Worldly Attractions

(These words are extracts from Sheikh Nazim's talks.  Some of them can be read in full by clicking on the links at the end of the paragraphs.) 

Shaykh Nazim says;


The modern economic system of the West is based on quick production and quick consumption;  and that is the height of foolishness. .

Everyone, men and women are running to eat something from this life.  They are running to take much more from this life;  and mostly that means they are running after the material things of this life.  Ahl-a-dunya, those who live only for dunya, for them their biggest capital is money, money, money.

The Real capital that mankind must run after is Love.

The Real capital


the personal struggle

    Because mankind’s greed is the basic cause of personal and social misery, Allah Almighty showed them the way to conquer their greed.  He created the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), a perfect example of selfless generosity.  Whoever follows the example of the Prophet’s life can conquer greed and avoid self-inflicted misery. 

He who knows that this world is not for anyone but for everyone will be at peace with himself and will be free of envy.  At that time he will no longer ask ‘why has that person been given so many things while I have not?

link to 'avoid misery'


Limits of materialist  thinking

Satanic agents cheat people by making them look after their material beings only.  They never take any care of their real being - spiritual being.  Those people are saying that spiritual being and material being are the same.  They say ‘We are not accepting that mankind has a spiritual being.’  To which we reply;  ‘If you are claiming this why are you not keeping that one when he is closing his eyes and his body’s movement stopping, never moving?  Why not keeping it if that one is only a material being?   If no difference between living one and dying one, why you are not keeping?” 

The stupid one wants to research by science the question of how mankind came to exist and what is its responsibility.  But science cannot answer these questions because science is based on experience and proofs --- it is not the realm of science to answer questions where proof cannot lead to an answer

Link to go 'beyond logic'


Its all too much!!

When I am in western countries I daily meet people carrying the weight of anticipated problems.  It is so difficult in the modern world to escape from having this perspective and to concentrate on the moment in order to put it right.  With tens of thousands of problems in front of you all at once how should a solution be possible?  …

Don’t load heavy burdens on yourselves by worrying about the future.  Just bring yourselves in line with My [God’s] will, accord with My purposes this moment and then rest assured that I will help you keep your future moments similarly aligned with My will.

Whoever seeks a happy life and spiritual improvement must do as sailors do when a ship is overloaded and in danger of going down in a storm. They throw off the ballast.  If you like you may heed my warning. Be wise and move step by step towards simplicity. 

link to "Simple living'


The need for balance

The tendency is to leave everything and sit saying; "We have renounced this world." -  But this world is not going to renounce you!  It is not going to leave you  be!  No matter how much you say that you have left it, it is never going to leave you - it will bother you  time and again with hunger, thirst, sexuality, the desire for comfortable living etc.  Therefore you must make concessions to your material needs and desires, satisfying them lawfully and without infringing on the rights of others.

Link to "Balancing Act"


Allah Almighty likes His servants to be happy -

People think that the ways to happiness are money, wealth, health,  high rank, big knowledge - but all of them are nothing   .....    Everything that belongs to this life is going to be lost.

....   but the love of the Lord Almighy Allah, when it enters the heart of His servant,  takes you out of the prison of your body   ...    honouring you with freedom from every bad characteristic of your ego.

on materialism happiness and LOVE


Develope your  Spiritual Side 

We are like a silk worm – eating the leaves of this material world…  but when it cuts itself off from the material world – inside that cocoon it is going to be changed.  It enters as a grub but leaves it as another form of creature – flying.