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alhamdulillah this section is being updated to give a fuller introduction to the teaching of Sheikh Mehmet Adil - the successor to Sheikh Nazim

whose talks form most of this website.

[but the report of Sheikh Mehmet's latest visit to Sheffield is retained just below the re-working] 

 To open this introduction to Sheikh Mehmet and to show the continuity between him and the teachings of his father, Sheikh Nazim  we start with an excerpt from one of Sheikh Nazim's last talks on the theme of Divine Love.

Load us with Love

Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi Malisiwa Hu illah Hu.   o our Lord grant us love and enthusiasm- Your love and enthusiasm   o my Lord.

May we  .....      affection?  Allah's affection. Whose Love?  Allah's Love and Enthusiasm, our Allah, our Lord Subhanallah.   Let us ask for Him.  Let us ask      Allah  loves.

O our Lord.  May He not give us weariness. May He give us strength with His love and Affection. 

 When a man is 'kamil' [spiritually mature]  ..... he is loaded with the affection of his Lord and asks for it.  Ask for this.  Ask for the affection of your Lord.

from Lefke 21st January, 2014.

load us with  Love

Bismallah a-Rahman I-Rahim

Sheikh Mehmet blessed us with a visit on February 6th 2018

As part of his usual busy programme he came to St Peter's Hall and addressed us on the theme of Sincerity in Worship.

Below is a summary taken from notes made at the time.

 Sincerity in worship  and in seeking guidance is important; but it is not easy, and  comes with tests.  There was a rich man who came to a sheikh  seeking guidance. The sheikh  told him to sell his fine clothes and set free his slaves. He did so and gave his gold to the sheikh and served him until the sheik  said he could now teach people and gave him back his  money with which he built a mosque and dergah.  - and he received Divine Knowledge because of his sincerity, and instilled the love of God in people.

 But there was  a Big Mufti living in the local mountains  worshipping and performing miracles and he objected to this man for being an 'ignorant' one.

The first one came to visit  this man  ??[ABdul Majid} who liked to display his ability with miracles;  but  this was his ego - and his attempt to show a miracle in front of the humbler man was a failure;  and so he asked forgiveness and became a follower of the other one.

We need to connect to our Lord as  our main  aim. Try to know your Lord. After that  nothing can affect you. You are at peace and happy.

You did not come here of your own will. There is One who created you and you will meet that One in the next life.

May Allah make us to know Him, even one atom of Himself. Even one atom is enough  because Allah is Greater that anything we can imagine.

 Sheikh  then lead a short dhikrullah and  said magrib prayer after which there was a chance for those who wanted to speak to him to get personal blessings or advice.

The Sheikh later attended an open event at a Hallam university.

Alhamdulillah for his blessings and for encouraging us and guiding us.  

Sheikh Mehmet Adil Effendi honoured Sheffield with a visit on  March 13th 2016. Alhamdulillah and our hearty thanks to him for this honour.  Below is an account taken from notes taken at the time of the address he gave to a full St Peters Hall that afternoon.

Allah made us and put everything where it must be;  but people change it according to their minds; and then everything gets mixed up and unhappy.

This is especially the case [now] in Islamic countries.

Allah does not like theses [changes] eg  towards 'democratic' systems of government.

After 'Abu Bakr [ra] S. 'umar[ra] gave rules to keep everything in writing; and in his khalifate many lands became Islamic territories;  but he never enriched himself financially by this.  He lived as a poor man.  Ambassadors came, expecting to find rich palaces - but no.

After him came Abdul Aziz, a rich man a reluctant khalif. He gave away his riches and advised his wife to do so also.  He ruled only 2 years but achieved much for Islam and received a beautiful barakat.

Some later khalifs used their khalifate to enrich themselves  and their children personally.

The ottomans were good rulers who had murshids to guide them and give advice  and even criticism.

but now we are in the end-times as Prophesied. 'Islamic' countries now are cursed for leaving the correct path. 

other countries try to intervene; but what can they do. Only  Mahdi a.s. will bring and end to this.

Western countries are not bound by the same rules as they have not been given them. they have different rules; and it is correct is to follow the rules of the place where you live.  if you cannot follow them then leave.

We are here - so let us be thankful the Allah has given us our risq here. be thankful - and thankful for Her Majesty the queen.  

 pary forgiveness for any misunderstanding that have crept into this account.

 After the talk  our Sheikh lead an uplifting dhikr; honoured us by leading our maghrib prayer, and gave bayat and individual blessings to those present, before moving on to his next 'event.' the  remaining  gathering  enjoyed a buffet provided by the regulars by the grace of ALLah.


Sohbet from Sheikh Mehmet on the anniversary of Maulana Sheikh's departure from this dunya -  given in Lefke May 7th 2015

Welcome to you all.

Now, one year ago - by body he went to Akhirat. - we are not seeing him by body;  but now we are seeing him, more powerful more beautiful, more 'alive.'  Everybody is seeing his reality; and his power is coming a thousand times more than when he was in this life.  This is his saying - and really people are speaking about what they saw in dreams, how, by night he is giving them what to do - advice.  And really they are more happy than before, because in life you could come here, you could see him, but now, even people who never saw him in life are seeing him in dreams, and they are given advice what to do.

One year - it is a big karama, miracle from him, and it is proof of all that he said - our tariqat is a live tariqat, not dead, and it is a never stopping river.  If it were like other tariqats it would be broken. Alhamdulillah one year on everybody is still with Maulana. What they promised him they are all accepting, and they continue his way, the way of happiness, real happiness.  And barakat, and every good thing is in this way - every beauty, every satisfaction, everything you imagine from good things, it is in this tariqat, because it is coming from [the line of] Mashaykh up to the Prophet [saws].

 Nothing can affect real believers, because they know that what Allah and the Prophet and awliya promised them will happen - so, for this life they are not worried about it.

We are thanking Maulana for inviting us here - these people are coming here for his love, for Love of Allah and love of the Prophet. This is his teaching and it is alive.  And we are thanking for people all around the world - their wish was to come here. Millions of them would have liked and are wishing to be here, but this is also Maulana's arranging that only these people are here, because here they cannot carry more people  - but he will give the same reward for them also all around the world because really they are sincere to be here. But we are saying to them also to make Yasin sharif ... to make charity for poor people and to make maulid, make dua' and it will be benefit for them after Maulana and their relatives, for family also.

Last year this day was really a very miserable time for us, and we had big sadness; but now we know it was a happiness for Maulana because he is with his beloved Sheikh and with the Prophet[saws], with Allah. This is what he was waiting his whole life for; and he is in the highest place - he was last year - and now of course after this also.

Now we are happy and we are celebrating this , because in Islam there is no mourning. In Islam there is no mourning because, this life - everybody must die and go to akhirat, real life. it is not only for Maulana - but he is happy - happy to be there. And it is like a wedding for the awliyullah. They are saying of 'death', "wedding" - for coming to real life - and this is happiness for him. Real muslims ...  they don't have this mourning - in islam when somebody dies, for three days you make condolence - and every day also you must remember death at least 7 times. Don't forget this. Do not be afraid of death - be prepared like Maulana. Of course nobody can prepare like Maulana but we are catching his hand and it is enough for us'' 

 He was sowing seed, blessed seed and now it is growing more and more. Everywhere it will grow because by his barakat and his support his seeds will not be dry because a river is flooding them.

 Alhamdulillah he put us as order and we are the weakest one, but it is an order what we do. Insha'Allah we will continue this good way with the barakat of Maulana, the Prophet saws and be happy here and hereafter -  Alhamdulillah we  will get real happiness, and we are promised to be with Maulana in jannat.

 min Allah al tawfiq - al fatihah.

English edited from the original available on Sultanattv astagfirullah for any misunderstandings.

Alhamdulillah that Sheffield was honoured by a visit from Sheikh Bahauddin.

His programme of events included meeting spiritual seekers at two gatherings, leading dhikrullah and welcoming old and new attenders with his usual joy.  Alhamdulillah.   The talks he gave will, inshallah, be available later via sultanattv, but for now  here is a summary taken from notes made at the time. 

We are happy to be here and for the first time.  Life takes us north and south, up and down, where we have been - where we go.

We are spenders of our time as well as spenders of our money.  This spending is both good and bad.

Sometimes life is heavy and we want to speed through it quickly - or it may be enjoyable - and still it passes quickly! The 'time zone' can be for you or against you.

The purpose of spirituality is to make your time of benefit to you.

People think there is only bread and butter, but actually there are many things that can be enjoyed. Allah created humans with the ability to enjoy so much  - we are not like sheep , eating only grass.

Life is never as you wish - but it is in your hands to make it so.   An Arabic proverb says that the wind is never what the ship's captain wants.   The wind is independent and the captain has to adjust to it.   This  is what spirituality teaches you. It is impossible for life to  be,  every day according to our own wishes.  On  those rare occasions when it is, then 'ride the wave'

But Allah says -  this planet is not for enjoyment for ever;  it is a passage of tests.

Everyone wants people to like what they have done - to make those in front of them happy;  and Allah sends us people to make us happy - to  put colour into our lives.

Rumi was one who made everything colourful and makes life seem 'not so bad'  - but we say    - 'Pain - but not this pain.'! 

Hajji Anna used to say that Allah, alKarim  has created a special paradise for everyone - so don't 'fight' over paradise.

Your 'goodness' in this world builds up your paradise.

(next bit missing)

Rumi presented spirituality in a way that everyone can absorb it.  He told the story of the crow  and the fox.  The crow stole a piece of cheese and was ready to swallow it  when the fox called ' Hello - I am a fan of your beautiful voice, which everyone wants to hear.  Can you give me a song?'    So the crow opened wide his beak and called 'RAA'  - and the cheese fell  down;   and the fox ate it.   So  don't be  so foolish as to believe in the flattery of dunya so that you lose your eternal reward.

May Allah forgive us ....  

Astagfirallah for the brief omission and any misunderstandings. 



visit of Sheikh Muhammad Effendi


Sheikh Muhammad Effendi honoured Sheffield and Rotherham with a visit  He honoured several private homes with his blessings and renewed our bayat and spoke at two (or more)  gathering of murids.

Below is a summary of his talk to murids and spiritual seekers in Sheffield


Bismillah irahman IRahim;


Do everything with Love.  Love makes everything easy. Without Love even doing good things  can be difficult.

There are 124000 awliyas with us - so ask for their help.  Make rabbita(connection) to them

It is easy to believe in  what is seen,  but belief in the unseen is the most important.

Allah is the Creator. He created us as He likes.  Our stay here may be brief; but then we  will leave and be in satisfaction.

So, take power from Holy people.  Those who want to can take from their spiritual power.



At the Masjid Mustafa Anwar in Rotherham;  (editor's  summary astagfirullah )

Sheikh Effendi  reminded us;


Everything is by Allah's will.  He Created as He wants;  so, thank Allah for creating us as human beings and for making us followers of the Prophet.(sws)

Some of us were born into (Islamic culture).

 Every nation has its special gift.  People from the subcontinent have the gift of being religious.  They are humble but they are clever - clever in that they do not deny their Creator.  This is Allah's favour to them.

 For Europeans the favour is that Allah sends awliya to make them Muslim. The 'conquest ' of the subcontinent led  to Islam feeding back into Europe.

Knowledge without belief is no good.  The Prophet (sws) said you must hold tight to the Quran and to (the sunnah)

[On Ottomans;   - this section  I didn't follow very well astagfirullah   The importance of right guidance from good ulema] -

But Satan attacks the people of the sunnah.

 The people of the sunnah are full of Love.  Some Others  (muslims and non-muslims) are full of hate; especially over the last 50 years.  But we pray that Allah will bring them to hidayat.

Maulana was last in Rotherham 20 years ago. Those who were children then now have their own children.  The seed of Love that Mawlana sowed continue to grow.  May yhey take away the hatred so that those who hate come to hidayat and to open heart.


And  Sheikh Effendi thanked the brothers warmly for their response to his  talk. 


posted june 13th







In earthly grief and heavenly joy we salute the passing from this dunya of our beloved Maulana, Sheikh Nazim. We pray for him.

 and we salute his designated successor, Sheikh Muhammad who's very recent talk on

Pure Love -


we reproduce below. 



The Religion of True Love


Shaykh Muhammad sohbat of 21st May 2014


Our Master, our Prophet says  'Al-mar'u ma'a man ahabb.(A man will be with the one he loves)

Allah, Azza wa jalla in the Qur'an al Karim says

"Qul in kuntum tuhibbun  Allaha, fa'ittabi'uni, yuhababkumu Llahu." (3.31)


Our religion is a religion of Love.  That love must be real, true Love.  For whom is the true love?   It is for Allah, Azza wa Jalla.  it is for our Prophet and for awliya [saints], for salihin [the righteous] and for believers.   Muslims are brothers and sisters.  You must love your muslim brothers and sisters as you love yourself - so says the Hadith Sharif.


The Prophet, (alaihi salam) orders, as the Holy Verse says,  'If you want Allah to love you, you love Allah;  but in order that Allah love you, you must follow the way I {the prophet]  show you.' 

Our Prophet described whatever should be done.  He described the beautiful ways. He described what works should be done.   If you do these things then you are following the Prophet's way.  That means you are behind him.  Then Allah will Love you.   - You say 'I love Allah'  but then you do bad deeds.  This makes you a liar.


 For example -  When humans love someone they do the things that he or she loves.  They do worldly things as the beloved loves and likes so that that one will love him or her.   If you do things that the [beloved] doesn't like, then he or she will hate you, dislike you, and keep away from you.   So, if you love Allah Azza wa Jalla, if you love the Prophet, and if you want Allah to Love you, you must follow the way of Allah's beloved servant - the Prophet's way - and the way of Awliya and muslims who are on that way - do as they do.


The Prophet gives us good tidings -  we will be with the one we love - Insha'Allah . This will help us recover from the pain we feel at Sheikh Effendi's (passing away)  The pain of separation is not easy - but we are believers who believe in what Allah says .  We believe in the unseen.  We believe in the after life.  And we love him.


Sheikh Effendi use to say 'I am 90 years old but I remember my childhood as if it was yesterday.'  Now we are 50 or 60 years old. We may live 10, 20, 30 more years  - and then in the blink of an eye we will reunite with our Sheikh.  This thought is a comfort to us.  If we love him we will Insha'Allah be with him. -

But - as we said -  do not follow your ego - follow your Sheikh and what he says.  No one should give fatwa - 'this is it - this is that'    From  now on everyone  must be careful.  Everyone must protect themselves from the evils of the ego.


 If you do this Allah will love you and you will be with the ones whom Allah loves. 'If you love Allah, follow the Prophet(sws) and Allah will Love you. - and you will be with the one you love.


But it must not be rubbish love.   Pure love is for Allah'Aza wa Jall, and for the Prophet(sws) and for all prophets and for awliya and sahaba - all sahaba (you can't say 'this one is good' or bad.  You don't know about this.  The Prophet was praising them.  Don't put your opinion about this.) - awliya means those who are beloved to Allah Jalla Jalaluhu.  -And the Prophet (sws) said in hadith,  you must love your muslim brother as you love yourself.   This is pure love.

It is not love for dunya, not love for rubbish things.  May Allah keep that love away from our hearts.  Many people destroy their family with rubbish love. They become like crazy doing for the loved one what he likes, or not doing what he doesn't like, - saying 'if I go against this they'll runaway from me.'


Because of this Allah 'Aza wa Jalla said;

"In kuntum tuhibbunAllaha fattabi'uni yuhbibkumu Llah"


'You must follow Me.  You must do  what I like.'  If you do this Allah will Love you.  This is real Love and if you find that Love it is enough for you for ever.

And awliya, especially  Mawlana, was teaching us this love.  For this we  must be more careful about what we do. 

 If they are happy with the action we do, you will be with them.


see original online at Sultanat>Shaikh Muhammad>Pure love






















load us with Love


Load us with Love

Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi, Sohbat of the 21st of January, 2014

May Allah show us good days. May He keep us distant from evils.  Ya Rabbim, O our Lord, O our Lord,  load us with Your love and enthusiasm.   Load us with the honour, beauty, and affection of that Habibi Kibriya (Most Beloved).   My Allah, My Allah.   Let us ask for Allah. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.     Let us ask for our Lord. There is nothing else to ask for. Let us ask for our Lord.    Let us ask for His Beloved.

Affection is with them.   Affection is for them. There is no affection for anything else. Allah gave us beauty. He granted us from the love and beauty of His Beloved.   Ask.   Run after Him. Ask for Him.    Do not look for the  worthless world.  Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. The world is worthless and dirty.   It is not clean.

May our Mawla load us  with love and enthusiasm.   I ask for love and enthusiasm.   

Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi Ma li Siwahu illa Hu.

O our Lord,  may our hearts open.   May Allah Almighty grant us the honour, beauty, and affection of that Habibi Kibriya.    This is what is wanted.   If not, the rest is trash. Trash. Do not look for trash.

Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi Ma li siwa Hu illa Hu.   O our Lord grant us love and enthusiasm - Your love and enthusiasm   O my Lord.   May we be loaded with affection and respect.   Whose affection?   Allah's affection.   Whose love?  Allah's love and enthusiasm.   My Allah. Ma li siwaHu. There is nothing other than Him.

O our Lord, Your gifts to us are endless.   It is endless Ya Rabbi. What else is there in dunya (the world)?  What is there to be asked for and to be searched for? There is nothing.

Allahu Dhul Jalal's Kibriya.   May He load us with His love and enthusiasm. Our Allah, our Lord. Subhanallah.   Let us ask for Him.  Let us ask for Allah.   Let us love and ask for those whom Allah loves.   

O our Lord. May He not give us weariness.  May He give us strength with His love and affection.

Our Lord. He has decorated the world. What is the result? The result is zero. When a man is 'kamil'  (spiritually mature; complete)  the owner of 'kamal' (maturity) knows love, knows enthusiasm, and knows  pleasure. He is loaded with the affection of his Lord and asks for it.  Ask for this. Ask for the affection of  your Lord. Do not look for the trashy world.

 My Allah, grant an eternal life Ya Rabbi. May we be loaded  with Your love and enthusiasm.


For rest of  this talk see  link to sultanat. com