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Take a Guide!Why?  What?  Who?


Why take a Guide?

Our Prophet is of the highest station in the Divine Presence, a representative of Allah among His people;  and he was taking a guide.  This shows that everyone asking to reach the Divine Prescence needs a guide.   Our Prophet was always following the orders of Jibril, doing every action and speaking according to Allah's orders as brought by Jibril.  (Angel Gabriel)

For purification we need guidance.  We have (an inner guide) but with it is the ego, which is fighting up to the end.  We need to learn methods from a master to fight the ego.    No one becomes a doctor just by reading books. ....     character is communicable.   Whoever sits with Prophets (or saints) will absorb good character.

We need Divine Love to be put in our hearts - otherwise we can’t stop fighting the endless desires of our egos, enmity, envy and jealousy.  When Divine Love enters our hearts everything else is going to be cheap and of no value.    

The love of God is not easy to attain for we cannot imagine Him;  therefore Allah Almighty made the Prophets apostles of His love.

link to love from Prophets


Now there are no more Prophets;  but there are a few individuals who follow the steps of the prophets. They are coaches on a train – 40 cars – only the front one has an engine – they are hooked together.  The hook is love (muhabbet)  If you have love for one of these people where he goes you will go.

You must start from the first level and improve from there – not from the top.  The first level is important as your base;  and then the awliyas (saints) take you up. 

Don’t cut your love for (Saints) or you will stay sitting at the terminus when you think you are on the train to Newcastle.


What does a Guide do?

The benefit of a Master is that he takes away bad characteristics in order to give good attributes to people. It needs a gardener to look after fruit trees and make them perfect.  Masters give perfection to disciples (murids).  As much as you imitate your master following him step by step you are gong to be on the same level    –    I am making murids follow me through their hearts with love.  I am not using force, but the power of love.

link to the benefit of a master



Finding your Guide.

Mankind is in need of training;  therefore Allah is giving us parents to teach us as children.   But the training by Prophets is the most important.  Others teach you to give the ego its desires ...  prophets teach us the purpose of life, showing us our destinations.

For the signs of such a one ,  look - if he calls you to this world's enjoyments don't follow.    If in (his) company you feel an increase in love for the Lord and the after life, keep to him.

who to follow


about Sheikh Nazim [may Allah be pleased with him]

 For 40 years I was with (my Grandsheikh).     I am the weakest person but my intention was to follow him.    ..   I felt as though I were an ant with a broken leg trying to crawl from Damascus to Mecca… but my hope was to follow him … Therefore I hope my Lord Allah Almighty will send me to where Grandsheikh is – to the Divine Presence.  …. 

Any time you are looking at a man who is clutching strongly at the Prophet’s ‘coat tails’ you may trust him;  and however strongly you are believing in one man (your Sheikh) people can trust in you also.  This is important.  When you have trust in me, (another) will have trust in you, and another will have trust in him also.

clutch - Maulana Shaykh



  The golden chain of the Naqshbandi Tariqat

(Saints) are like springs. You may reach them.  You may wash yourself.  You may do everything. If no springs you can’t do anything.  Allah Almighty made Prophets and Saints for His servants so that ordinary people may reach His Divine Oceans through those springs which come from the Divine Oceans.  ….       Grandsheikh gives from his spiritual power - so that who touches my hand is touching the hand of Grandsheikh.  Who asks may ask though me because I am connected to them.  I am not alone;   I belong to the silsilah.   The Chain is not broken.  Praise be to God.

the Golden chain

this website follows the instruction of Sheikh Nazim to set up a website on the theme of Divine Love.   Most of its talks are still from his words. 

But  the Golden Chain is still not Broken.  Alhamdulillah

 Sheikh Mehmet Adil effendi:

Before his departure from this dunya Sheikh Nazim nominated his elder son Sheikh Mehmet as his successor and the 41st Sheikh of the Mostdistinguished Naqshbandi Order.   Sheikh Mehmet is now our living guide - Alhamdulillah.

Sheikh Mehmet has visited Britain, including Sheffield several times.   His latest visit was in July 2017 when he came with his wife and sister.

He continues the line of teaching we have inherited from sheikh Nazim.   Go to our Latest visits  via this link



how to connect

.. we seek our Grandsheikh’s support by saying  “Meded Ya Sayyidi”    “Support oh my Master.”  You  must call upon your Grandsheikh in such a manner when you are in need of support, then that support may reach you…..   Once you have established a good connection with such a person you will always be in contact with him;  a wire will carry current to your heart from his (heaven sent) power source.

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