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Spiritual Practices – in search of Divine Love

"Allah has ordered praying, fasting, pilgrimage and charity"



is the Arabic for remembrance, or remembering.

                                                 - so  dhikrullah is Remembering God                                                  


Ya Wadud,  O Love Divine

…. There are over one-thousand Qur’anic verses alone, not to mention Prophetic traditions, in which our Lord Almighty orders us to ‘Remember Him’, ‘Glorify Him,’ ‘Praise Him,’ and ’Call upon Him’.  He has ordered this that we may approach His Divine Presence, as every repetition of our Lord’s Name increases the love of Him in our hearts.

It is for those who have access to a realm of knowledge beyond science to say with certainty that it is Allah Almighty, the Lord of the universes who though His Holy Name Al Wadud  (the All–loving) gives His Divine Love to everything in the universe.    Therefore when we say “Ya Wadood”  we are opening ourselves up to that Divine Love, asking our Lord to awaken that love that knows no limitation, that is eternal and extends to all creation.

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Dhikr is putting down your ego so that your ego can’t come against you and carry you onto troubles.  When you are free from troubles, that is giving you pleasure. Why?  Because you are with your Lord.  If you are reaching to your Lord  how can you be in trouble and unhappy? ….

Therefore our Grandmasters are saying that even if a person, daily, when asking for sleep says even ten times  ‘Allah, Allah; Allah, Allah  ….”   it gives him such a power that you can’t imagine.

link to the power of Dhikr


Dhikr is a pillar, a tent pole which keeps up the tent. If you take it away it falls down.  The communal dhikr is the main pillar of our tariqat.  (sufi way)

link to Communal Dhikr


Love through Worship


Try to fill your prayers with more love.  That will make them sweet and your life sweet.

   Most people do not know this.  They are asking for a sweet life not knowing that it comes from sweet worshipping;  and that comes from loving Allah Almighty.

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       The Prophet, beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him) said;

                              "I ask of Thee, oh God, Thy love and the love of those who love Thee,  (and/or whom You love};

and the love of such deeds as lead me to Your Love."

To ask our Lord to open our hearts to His Divine Love is the most important request we can make in our prayers.

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For Beginners

If your practices bring you inner peace and wisdom others will emulate them.

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about salat

Only heedless people are objecting to [doing] five prayers.   They are not understanding what is the benefit of there being five prayer times, and why Prophets and Saints are doing nore than five times worshipping daily.

Every worship gives you a new Divine Breath in your soul.


a mosque for a journey

link to refresh your soul



On Charity

Love is the motor

Our Lord is asking us to make charity as much as we can.

Your ego is saying, "Don't give too much.  leave for me."

Allah Almighty is saying " As much as you are giving I am giving to you"

Give with love for Love