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Divine  Love -  

 Satan is the  enemy,  and Allah’s greatest favour


Our Grandsheikh says that satan is the biggest  favour to mankind from the Lord. Many people may be surprised to hear this;  especially learned people, asking, “How can he say such a thing?”

Whoever is asking this is informing himself that he has not reached to wisdom.

Allah Almighty orders everyone to  fight  Iblis[1] and says that he is  our  biggest enemy.

How is he also the biggest favour?

As a result of fighting against Iblis, believers reach  to high stations;  Awliya reach to top levels of sainthood and  Prophets reach the rank of prophethood.  Without Iblis there would be no believers, saints or Prophets.


High stations are reached by fighting Satan.   Without stairs there is no climbing to the top.  And  Satan is the stairway to every  level.  If you like to reach to a high station in the Divine  Presence – fight [him]



Undermines Faith

Our Grandsheikh says that people in this life are standing on a plain between two sides. On one hand stand Allah and His Prophets; on the other Satan and his soldiers.  If they listen to Allah they are on the way of faith. If listening to Satan they are losing faith.

A person believing in and confirming Allah’s invitation is with Allah, but Satan says ‘Why are you going after unseen things like heavens and the world hereafter?  Come to me.  All pleasures are with us, ready here and now.  You may see and feel them.’

 The ego sometimes believes this and leaves Allah. If the Angel of Death comes at that time one may die outside the fold of islam – very dangerous.

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Leads individuals astray

For each person there is one special Satan who stays with you for your entire life and is under the command of the Big Satan.  He is the teacher of your nafs.  Just as you have angels with you so is this satan with you whispering in your heart.  When there is no remembrance of Allah he is speaking up, especially when you are alone and not doing anything.  He says “what are you doing sitting here doing nothing?  You must get up and go to a café.”


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Leads nations astray

We are living in a time that gives a perfect proof of what we are saying. Now people on earth are dividing into two camps.  One kind are asking to be good ones. The second party are running to Shaytan, representing Satan and asking to harm good people.

Many States are trying to take over good people and Shaitan is asking that ‘the whole world be my followers; and my way is the most suitable for them.’

Shaitan says, ‘Follow me and I can carry you to a life of endless enjoyment.’  Millions followed but were not getting; but yet they are asking to move up, up, up.  Shaitan has promised this since the beginning of creation.  By that point he cheats people.  Once they are cheated their morals come down and they are going to be hopeless ones.

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Protect yourself

Shaytan is coming and imposing on everyone so that everyone feels the whole world on their shoulders.  But when you say ‘ a’oothu bi-Lahi min a-shaytaani rajeem’[2]  that heaviness is taken from you.  Satan is running away. .......

Seek refuge in Allah. “Oh our Lord we are running to You from every harm that is coming from shaytan."

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The only ones not cheated (by Satan) are Prophets.  Saints may be cheated before they assume their power but once they have (successfully) fought Shaytan and fought their egos, there is no possibility that shaitan can cheat them.  Allah Almighty protects them.   They can see Satan in his original form, or in his disguise. When you follow such people you will reach an area where it is prohibited for shaytan to enter. 

It is so easy.  May Allah give you a honey life.

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1.Iblis  - Islamic name for the Angel who became the Devil           2. 'audhu billahi  min ashaytani rajim; bismillahi-rahman i-rahim   = I take refuge in Allah  from the cursed  (literally stoned)  Satan;  in the name of Allah most gracious most compassionate ...