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We have two main powers for our life,  gadab and shahwa, anger and  lust.

Losing one of these we must die. 

Our Grandsheikh used to say this, and now  these two powers are well known in medical science

All troubles come from these.  – if you can  control them, they may serve you  up to the end. 

 They will not disappear;  we are in need of them;   but every bad character of the ego is coming through these  powers.


All prophets came to teach people the harm of these on our egos;   (they) taught  people  how to control anger and passion…….. when you can  control  these  two, you will be a  trustworthy  person.   Some  people  may  be affected  by a  pot of  gold, or even  more affected  by a white body,  but to a trustworthy person, black earth is the same thing.

Perfection is not so easy… if no control, no steering wheel or brakes on the car, it will fall into the valley.



Grandsheikh said, “In Islam it is forbidden to carry enmity for anyone in your heart.  Enmity follows on the heels of anger.  If you are angry at someone enmity arises.  If a man carries anger  for another in his heart for one hour Satan will assault his heart and dominate him for three days.  If he has anger for three days then Satan will control him for forty days.  If this person should die during these forty days, they won’t meet a good end;  they’ll die in the grasp of Satan and  will be like a slave in his hands.”  We must pay heed to this point with utmost care. 

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When you find yourself overcome by anger you must run quickly to a mirror and look at yourself. That ugly sight will be enough to calm your anger – for who wants to look like the devil himself?

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When you look at women (who are prohibited to you), that looking is a poison arrow from Satan into your heart. You will find pain. It makes your faith mixed up and (brings it down), like a nail in a tyre causing a car to stop or go out of control. Satan’s aim is only to hearts. You must protect your heart.

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Our Grandsheikh told of one student in Daghestan.  He was reading the Quran at midnight.  The wind and wolves were howling outside in the cold.  Then came a knocking at the door.  It was a very beautiful girl lost on her journey.  He (took her in, gave her a blanket) and continued reading.     Then Satan came to him saying, “This is for you – get up.”  

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When the mind dwells on sexual thoughts Divine Lights are extinguished and a shroud of darkness is cast over our hearts, happiness flees and contentment is killed by the mad onslaught of physical preoccupations. But how can we escape from the preoccupation with our ego’s desire when those desires are such an intrinsic part of our being?

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