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Sheikh Mehmet July 26th - visit report

Alhamdulillah our Sheikh honoured Sheffield with a visit  July 25th and 26th.  Amidst a crowded programme he fouond time for  a brief association,  and prayers  at St Peters Hall.

 Below is a summary  from his talk as on Sultanat.   It was given immediately  after Sheikh had welcomed 3 people who had just  taken shahada and bayat.

This world is 'light' but on the Day of judgement it may be heavy -  according to your scale  [weight in the balance].   To get happy lives for ever  is the important thing.   

To say Ashadu an la ilaha illa-Llah, ashadu an MuhammaduRasul-Allah [ie the Muslim declaration of faith]  this makes your  [good] scale heavier, so that you may be successful and happy for ever.

It is important to say [the shahada]  because if you don't say it you are not accepting your Creator, who is at all times showing us His miracles.  But  Satan puts a curtain on some people's eyes  so they can't see the truth.  But lucky people have the opportunity to find the true way  that leads to everlasting happiness.

 Here Sheikh Noah is showing the way and he is getting  rewards for  [ ? for himself and for those people] by bringing people to this right way.  Allah is Generous and gives His endless blessings to everybody.     Praying and doing charities on behalf of yourself or others can bring  rewards for all of them.

 Today in religion some are  changing too much and making people enemies to the truth - but we are happy to see people coming to the right way, and they are our brothers and sisters. May Allah give them light, and open their hearts to be happy and satisfied  for ever.  

thankyou - all of you - This is a short association as we have a long journey.   Next time - more time, Insha'Allah  

Alhamdulillah that our Sheikh seemed happy with his visit and found time to give personal advice to several individuals.

We hope to see him again soon.  

Alhamdulillah our Sheikh honoured us with a visit on monday afternoon,  13 February 2017.   He came to St Peter's hall to say  'asr prayer and then led a short but powerful dhikr.

 He then honoured the 250 or so gathering of murids and visitors with an uplifting address on the theme of Divine love.1

"Our tariqat orders us to be with good people - and we are here today with so many good people  - here and on our travels - no meetings are fuller than these in England - for these are meetings  from  Love - real meeting for the Love of Allah.

 If you love Allah there will be no more misery.

Such love is different from what people ordinarily call 'love' - which is just a temporary  state.   The love from and to the Creator flows from Him and comes to you.  All love comes through the love of Allah.   This is the true love which lasts for ever - and saves you here and hereafter.

Islam orders may good things - and we do as much of them as we are able,  while avoiding the haram.  The [pillars] are; - to believe that la ilaha illa-Lah, Muhammadu- RasulAllah;  to pray five time daily,  to fast the month of Ramadan from dawn till dusk;  to pay the modest Zakat, and to make the Hajj;

 The  Sheik then recounted the hadith  of the Prophet who was asking a Bedouin  what  of those preparations he had make against the Day of Resurrection. The Bedu replied, ' Not too much of that - but I love you.'  - To which the prophet  said,   'All  will be with the one they love in Akhirah.'

A similar thing happened  when a sahaba was crying, saying that  while the Prophet [p] was alive they could meet and pray with him each day  but that if he died this would not happen - and the Prophet [p] said 'Everyone will be with those they love in paradise.'

Without love nothing is acceptable.  This is the essence of the Sufi way,  which is the way of Mercy and Love for all creatures.   We are meeting here today for the love of Allah and Insha'Allah we will all be together also in paradise.

 Remember that true lovers do anything for the beloved.  We are for the love of Allah - so don't worry what others may say of you.   Real Love is forever and is with you.

 The Sheikh recounted the sad tale of an old person who took their own life after their spouse had died.  Such a love is 'not useful' said the Sheikh.  That person was forgetting that they would be re-united in paradise.  So put your love with your Lord - and ask help from Him. 

 His love is the most Gracious Gift He has given us. "

Then after bayats and shahada [ Alhamdulillah] there was an opportunity for all to meet the Sheikh and receive his blessings after which he led us in Magrib prayer.  There then followed a nikkar [Alhamdulillah]  after which the Sheikh left  towards a further meeting at the Sheffield Tinsley  masjid.

 Many who remained at St Peters commented on the happy atmosphere and also enjoyed the buffet that was provided.

 Alhamdulillah May our Shaikh come again soon.    

i. the text probably does not convey the loving warmth of the Sheikh's words.  Any error are  solely those of this reporter. Astagfirullah.